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My goals for the HNGi8 x I4G Internship and what I want to achieve by the end of the Internship.

I had so much expected this internship cause I was a participant last year(2020) but didn’t get to the final stage. I only got to stage 7 before I was disqualified, before this I had been an intern for It was my first time in HNG and truly it’s not for the faint hearted.

The internship started on the 16th of August and going for 8 weeks. My intention this year is to get to the last stage and receive a shirt as said by Mark(smiles).

What I intend to achieve at the end of the Internship includes;

. Get better in JavaScript and Algorithms.

. Be proficient in React.js

. Get entrepreneurial skills needed in the tech- space.

. Meet amazing like-minded people.

. Update my cv and apply for jobs.

I currently work as a customer representative with Paycom but hoping to switch career by the end of the year. As a result, I intend giving this internship the grit it requires.

I want to become a badass front-end developer and work with the flutterwave team as a front-end engineer.

Kindly find a link below to join the HNG/Zuri internship as enrollment is still ongoing If you don’t mind the fast paced and games that comes with it as HNG internship is actually just a game.

The following are some of the tutorial links that has helped in my programming journey so far. They are;

HTML Beginner tutorial —

GIT tutorial for beginner —

Figma tutorial link —

Introduction to JavaScript - -

Thanks for reading my post.

I just wanna take one step at a time.

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